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Embark on an epic adventure filled with monstrous creatures, as you traverse dangerous territories and unlock new abilities along the way. With the fate of the world at stake, play as Tayar, a crob explorer and the unlikely hero of Takaful. Select from a range of weapons to arm yourself with the courage to face off against the plans of an evil mastermind who is threatening to destroy the world. Fortunately, Tayar unexpectedly stumbled upon a Bibot who gives him the ability to transform into an ancient mechanical creature. Choose your Bibot wisely, as each one has unique strengths that cater to your individual playstyle.

Explore the mysterious temples of Takaful and encounter various characters along the way, but beware of the dangerous monsters that lurk in the shadows. Takaful is divided into multiple regions, each with its own atmosphere to explore. With procedurally generated regions containing hand-crafted battle rooms, treasures, merchants and secret items that change each time you play, every experience will be different. Protect your homeland from the corrupting forces of vile enemies that threaten the very existence of Takaful.

Choose the Bibot that will accompany Tayar on his epic journey and accumulate energy as you battle your foes. Use this energy to summon the devastating power of your mechanical companions. Each Bibot has its unique playstyle and abilities, so mastering them all is key to overcoming even the toughest enemies. The synergy between Tayar and his Bibots grows with each battle, unlocking new variants of their attacks that can be customised before heading into fights.

Customise Tayar's weapons with chips that can be found throughout the game. Experiment with different combinations of chips to create your dream weapon and maximise your playstyle for powerful effects and synergies. With each fight, Tayar's skills will improve, and you can tailor his abilities to suit your own preferences as a survivalist, soldier or scientist, or mix it all up.

Test your skills and strive for success as you die, try and repeat โ€“ all to save the precious world of Takaful!
PID Games
Release date
Aug 25, 2023
Single player

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