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Fly around the world collecting nectar for honey as a bee in Bee Leader. Avoid enemies and bad weather in this mobile game.

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Bee Leader will keep you buzzing with excitement! In this game, the bees need your help to gather enough nectar to fill their hives with luscious honey. Don't miss out on the fun; download Bee Leader today and see what makes it one of the top mobile games of 2012, according to the App Store Best of 2012 and users in multiple countries!

You'll fly around the world, hover over flowers, and dodge bad weather and enemies to collect nectar. Race against the setting sun to bring back as much nectar as possible, so you can make more honey! Unlock bonuses, such as honey, nectar, time, and bee buddies, which will help you collect more nectar. As you explore different worlds, you'll encounter unique obstacles, flowers, and enemies in each environment, such as Country Life, Island Time, Just Desert, City Heights, and London Fun. Some worlds are small, so make the most of your time while big worlds have more than a few surprises!

Whether you like to fly your bee using a joystick, touch or tilt controls, it's your choice! Bee Leader offers various methods of control so you can find the one that suits you best. The exquisite design and illustrations in high definition, along with interactive sound, create a beautiful world for you to explore.

This game is available on various platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows & Windows Phone. Get ready to join the ranks, climb up the Bee Leader boards, and become the ultimate Bee Leader! Social networking and sharing support is on the way, so you can enjoy the game with your friends.

Bee Leader is a Flightless Production created by Greg Harding, John O'Reilly, and Ali Teo. Copyright 2012 Flightless Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Bonus points if you can dodge the pesky hornets that are trying to interfere with your busy bee mission. Are you ready to become the Bee Leader? Check out the official and gameplay trailers on YouTube and start buzzing now!
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