Beat Cop

Game overview

As Jack Kelly, explore NYC's dark corners and uncover corruption while keeping up with writing tickets and dealing with a terrible boss, mafia, and gold-digging wife.

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Start your investigation for free and unlock the full game through in-app purchase. In this game, New York is like a ferocious beast that needs to be explored, especially its darker corners. You will play as Jack Kelly, a former detective who has been wrongly accused of murder. Abandoned by your old friends and with no other options left, you have to uncover the truth behind this chaotic situation. Moreover, your new boss is tormenting you, your wife is unpleasantly spending your wealth, and the local gangsters are after your life. You're in a complicated mess, all alone in the middle of Brooklyn, and that's what makes it thrilling. Don't forget your primary duty and side missions like issuing tickets and warning pedestrians, as you are a beat cop.

The game has a nonlinear storyline with multiple endings. You have nobody to rely on, and you know that someone framed you, but nobody wants to help you. Explore every corner of the city, and you will find clues that would lead to the discovery of the real killer, but be cautious because behind every corner, you might encounter danger that shouldn't come to light.

The game is reminiscent of 80s cop movies, where you could be that righteous hero who upholds the law, solving problems with brains and brawns. Keep your eyes and ears open, and be quick-witted because the city is cruel, and the stakes are high.

This game is not only about the plotline but also about the humor that comes along with it. You can express yourself, be sarcastic, and gloom if you'd like. There are plenty of things to laugh at, and some you shouldn't, but that doesn't matter because it's a jungle out there, and sometimes you need to release the stress.
11 bit studios
Release date
Jan 21, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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APRENDENDO A SER UM POLICIAL! - Beat Cop - Parte 1alanzoka
Beat Cop Walkthrough [FULL GAME] 8+Hours [Xbox One X] [60 FPS]1 Man 1 Game
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