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Beasts of Legend VR Cardboard

Game overview

Beasts of Legend VR: an immersive VR rollercoaster game with epic adventure storylines, surround sound, 360° views, and intense arcade mode.

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Enter the marvelous universe of Beasts of Legend VR, which provides an unparalleled virtual reality roller coaster experience for gamers everywhere. This groundbreaking game is more than just a simple form of amusement, it's an entire story series that introduces a new legendary creature in each episode! Immerse yourself completely in this world using a virtual reality headset that is compatible with Google Cardboard, like the HOMIDO device, to enjoy a 360-degree 3D view and hear everything via surround sound. Beasts of Legend VR has taken inspiration from blockbuster hits and provides you with the opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of the hero in these hit movies! Now, enjoy the atmosphere of a theme park from the comfort of your own home!

In Episode 1: In Pursuit of Leviathan, you will play the role of the "Guardian" of the temple, accompanied by your ally, "Orb" to go in search of a mythological creature, the "Leviathan." A sea dragon has managed to escape from captivity and is now headed straight for Midgard, a legendary city! You're the only one who can stop it before it causes mass destruction to the urban area. Join this epic adventure as you navigate through a futuristic universe where nature and technology are intertwined into one.

Allow yourself to be transported and experience a splendid journey with an exotic blend of adventure and entertainment. However, prepare yourself for multiple obstacles along the way, for the road to the city is fraught with peril; and the Leviathan is no easy enemy to defeat! This episode lasts for 9 minutes, and I guarantee that it will be an experience you won't forget anytime soon.

Beasts of Legend VR has a lot of features that will enhance your gaming experience. The first two minutes of episode 1 are available for free! You can also engage in arcade mode, where you can shoot down various obstacles and enemies; try to achieve the highest possible score. The game is available in French, English, Spanish, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Beasts of Legend VR is compatible with all VR headsets that are compatible with Google Cardboard. Classic View mode is also available in the menu, allowing you to watch the video experience without a headset on a tablet, if you prefer. Original music and sound effects are included to ensure an immersive experience, and a high-performance phone like the Daydream-certified phones will give you the best results. To ensure that the game runs smoothly on your phone, please test the demo.

You don't need a joystick to have fun with Beasts of Legend VR! I can't wait for your participation in more thrilling adventures and new mythological creature encounters! See you there!
Release date
Jul 31, 2016
Single player