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Survive in a world of scarce resources and lurking dangers. Build territory, summon and mutate beasts, and form alliances in Beast Lord: The New Land.

In Beast Lord: The New Land, the weather has undergone a sudden change, and numerous supplies are scarce. As a ruler, you realize that your only chance to flourish is to explore new territory. After facing countless hardships, you eventually discover a juicy patch of land, but danger is looming in the corners of this seemingly peaceful new environment. 【Establishing Territory】 Your fresh homeland and cubs need a safe environment to grow in since many lurking dangers exist throughout the territory. The proper configuration of constructions is critical to the expansion of your territory! 【Summon Beasts】 The quantity of powerful beasts is an essential factor in better defending and developing your territory. With their help, you'll be able to resist external enemies, compete for resources, and expand your territory! 【Mutate Beasts】 Apart from a mighty troops of beasts, you'll need Alphas to compete for resources and expand your territory. With these two powerful forces combined, your troops will be invincible! 【Form Alliance】 In this dangerous wilderness, finding reliable allies is critical to your safety and development. Allies will help you resist external enemies and increase your power! =======Contact Us======= We provide personalized service to provide the best possible gaming experience! Should you run into any game-related issues, you can contact us through the following channels: Official Line: @beastlordofficial Official Discord: Official Facebook: Official Email Address: Privacy Policy: User Agreement: Notice! Beast Lord: The New Land is a free strategic game, but there are still some in-game items that can be purchased for a fee. As per the terms of use and user privacy policy, you must be at least three years old to play this game. Additionally, accessibility to network resources is required.
Release date
Jul 07, 2023
Single player



Pretty decent game

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Gameplay & Streams

WBV336_P103_EN(23)【Beast Lord: The New Land】Beast Lord: The New Land
SW100_EN_P103(169)【Beast Lord: The New Land】 bluedemoBeast Lord: The New Land
WBV280_P103_EN(169)【Beast Lord: The New Land】Beast Lord: The New Land


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