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In Bear's Restaurant, play as a cat waiter serving last meals to the newly deceased by diving into their memories. Winner of the 2019 Google Play Indie Games Festival.

Have you ever wondered what happens after we pass on? More importantly, have you ever pondered what food we might consume in the afterlife? Find out in Bear’s Restaurant, a heartwarming game where you take on the role of a cat who lands a job at an eatery situated in the coziest corner of the great beyond. You’re the only employee besides the hospitable bear who owns the establishment, and yours is the task of ushering the newly departed in, collecting their orders, and serving them a final meal to help their souls find peace in the afterlife. Unfortunately, the clients are a mixed bag and often uncertain about what they want. To help the lost souls find their way, you’ll need to delve into their memories and recollections to determine what they desire for their last supper. Along the way, you'll learn about their lives, how they passed on and what foods they savoured the most while they were alive. Bear's Restaurant was the recipient of the Avex Prize at the Google Play Indie Games Festival in Tokyo in 2019, and has attracted over a million downloads worldwide befitting its touching theme. To be clear, the game doesn't feature any dazzling battles, mind-boggling puzzles or cutting-edge cutscenes. However, it does offer a brief but satisfying experience that will gladden your heart, rather like memories of a meal cooked by a loved one that you treasure even after many years have passed. [Reader Warning] While the game itself doesn't portray any graphic, violent or obscene content, the story does cover a wide range of sensitive themes that may be unsettling and distressing to some players, including murder, suicide and other tragic death scenarios involving sickness, vehicle accidents, etc. Please use discretion when playing.
Release date
Feb 05, 2019
Single player



I haven't finished this game but god damn the game made me cry when I was a kid 10/10 will cry again

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Gameplay & Streams

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