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Beam of Magic: top-down multiplayer RPG with roguelike mechanics, challenging bosses, and a vast world to explore. Defeat monsters and level up with friends online.

Beam of Magic is a thrilling online multiplayer RPG game featuring the exciting roguish mechanics, with the goal of exploring vast dungeons and open-world areas, fighting a horde of foes, and confronting bosses. You could participate in this captivating RPG multiplayer game alone, or you could team up with your mates to establish an online co-op and descend into an immersive fantasy world! The Magic Shooter is characterized by: ★ A colossal map - confront a swarm of foes in PvE mode across sprawling settings. The maps are continually updated to enhance the gameplay's diversity, keeping you constantly engaged. ★ Extravagant monsters and beasts - learn how to defeat the fearsome creatures that dwell in dungeons or deep inside forests. As you progress, you will encounter more and more formidable monsters. If you're by yourself, things could get out of control. You can invite your buddies to join the magical hunt and experience the arcade shooter together. ★ Level-up structure - Enhance your hero's experience over time by leveling up. Choose one of three random advantages that will shape your strategy in this enthralling action RPG adventure. ★ Demanding bosses - relish all the perks of this magical shooter. Obliterate gigantic bosses and earn massive rewards. ★ Online multiplayer - Enjoy the advantages of this game's online multiplayer mode by tackling it with other players or invite your friends. You can take your gameplay to a higher level by engaging in multiplayer battles! Are you in search of an excellent rogue-like game? Stop looking now! You have found the perfect game for you. Attempt it in whatever way you can, without Wi-Fi or an internet connection. Beam of Magic is a classic age-of-knight top-down adventure game featuring a diverse array of skills. As you journey throughout the game's map, you will uncover several distinct areas with multiple bosses. Each location offers unique apparel and equipment. Your path will be livened up by more robust enemies in this PvE shooter. Additionally, fighting side by side with monsters is more exhilarating. Action adventure games offline like this one will never bore you out! Are you ready to display your gameplay skills and astonish everyone? Beam of Magic combines aspects of fantasy-brawl games, magical RPGs, and dungeon-rogue games, making your journey challenging yet exciting. As you venture through multiple dungeons, filled with treasure and beasts, your journey will not be easy, but with an ever-evolving virtual world that has new areas to explore, you will achieve an unforgettable experience. Join the thousands of gamers worldwide who have already begun their magic journey in the world of Beam of Magic – one of the most excellent magical games available. The game's developers continue to work on improving and enhancing the gameplay experience by introducing novel areas and levels, making it a delightful experience. Do you enjoy action-packed shooters, PvP online games, multiplayers of all forms, battle simulators, roguelike games, or brawler games? Try out "Beam of Magic" to add a new title to your list of favorite games!
Release date
Mar 27, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Beam of Magic: RPG Adventure, Roguelike Shooter - Gameplay Part 1 (Android, iOS) #1Pryszard Android iOS Gameplays
Beam Of Magic Gameplay WalkthroughNaveed Gamer
Beam of Magic Gameplay Walkthrough (ios,Android)TargoGaming


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