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Command your fleet through procedurally generated galaxies, complete missions, upgrade turrets, and survive in the intense sci-fi space adventure of Battlevoid: Harbinger.

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Battlevoid: Harbinger is the ultimate sci-fi space exploration game that offers an unforgettable gaming experience. As a young commander, you are tasked with exploring unknown galaxies, far away from home, encountering various threats as you jump out from hyperspace.

This game is a perfect blend of roguelike, turn-based, star map strategy, and real-time space battles, providing a unique gameplay experience that you wonโ€™t find elsewhere. Battlevoid: Harbinger allows you to make key decisions regarding your fleet and equipment, face surprising elements, and use Battlestations to your advantage to help you battle fiercely for your survival.

This game is all about strategy, tactics, and resource management as you plan your ship's offenses and defenses, fortify your ships against enemy weapons, and wield them wisely. You can lure your enemies into traps or distract them with distress beacons toward your Battlestation. This game also features a unique turret upgrade system that adds a new element to your gameplay experience.

Every playthrough is a different adventure since this game features procedurally generated galaxies full of mysterious places, Battlestations, and dangerous encounters. You need to carry out missions, discover new technology, and help humanity survive. As you progress through the game, you'll be impressed with the superb pixel graphics and effects that enhance your gaming experience.

Battlevoid: Harbinger has earned consistent praise from the gaming press and community, with a solid player base making it a must-play game for space fans. As a premium game, you only have to pay once and play forever with no in-app purchases, making it an excellent value for your money.

Visit the official website of Battlevoid: Harbinger to learn more about this fantastic game and follow their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook to join the game community and engage with other players.
Release date
Aug 12, 2015
Single player


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