Battlefield : Run

Battlefield : Run

Duke Studios

Game overview

You are moving tanks with your fingertips! Military:run! is a free survival game where your ultimate and only goal is to survive as long as you can. Destroy the enemies before they shoot you down and try to avoid all the bullets and the bombs. Your enemies are other tanks, soldiers, helicopters and obstacles on the road. You have to be accurate while shooting down the enemies and try not to miss any shot. This is a battle game where every bullet counts, so make sure to aim right and hit all the targets before they finish you. In this military arcade game you will be driving a tank, but the awesome thing is that you can change its look with the collected points that can be used as money for buying a new tank from the shop. Pick the best tank depending on your strategy and dominate across the battlefield. Crush enemies in battle and use a wide range of armor and power-ups for maximum immunity!
Are you ready for war? Download this tank shooting game free and crush the enemy!
Aim, shoot and run! You are driving a military jeep and you can move around the road in any direction. But be aware, because you have enemy companion all around and you opponents will try to destroy your tank. In this infinite run game your goal is to survive and knock down the enemies that will attack you with bullets and bombs. This is real survival game where you will be surrounded by other vehicles, soldiers and aircraft. So who will win? In military games it is difficult to hunt down all the enemies because they are shooting from every side, but you can beat them with specials that you can buy from the shop. Collect points and turn them into money so you can buy different battlefield and special upgrades such as vampire heal, rocket ammo and many more. Upgrade the skills of your tank and survive longer in this infinite run game!
Choose your tank and special upgrade, so you can be immune longer to bullets and bombs!
- addictive arcade game!
- endless run concept game with shooting gameplay!
- open road battlefield environment!
- smooth and responsive controls!
- vivid high quality graphic!
- change the skin of your tank and upgrade its power and look for ultimate style!
- upgrade your health that will make your player invulnerable to any damage for 10 seconds!
- upgrade damage skills, so every shot you hit will heal you with 5 health points!
- upgrade weapons and you will no longer shoot just one bullet, but you will shoot 3 at the same time!
- buy in-game currency!
Challenge your friends and see how will survive longest in this endless run survival game!
For all fans of tank games and shooting games Military:Run! will be the right thing. You are in the battlefield and must become the best soldier in order to survive and save your military tank. The enemy is shooting from all directions and the aircraft is hunting you from the sky. You must move fast and avoid all the obstacles in order to survive in endless game. Every bullet count, so shoot wisely and damage your opponents. Defeat the enemies by upgrading your skills and buying the right upgrade from the shop. With all the advanced weapons on disposal and by choosing the right weapon for your tank, you can survive easily. This is a free action game with optional in-game purchases for real money. Download the best military game and jump into thrilling tank battles, let the adrenaline chase begin!
Become the greatest tank commander of all time!
Duke Studios
Release date
Apr 06, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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