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Build and strategize your ultimate battlecruiser to destroy enemy warships and fight AI robots in Battlecruisers Showdown 1v1 multiplayer – an explosive, hand-drawn, real-time strategy game.

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Prepare your cruiser now because Battlecruisers Showdown is coming soon! The most awaited update for the already recognized Battlecruisers single-player game. Enter the world of battle strategizing where you will defy either your competitors or AI robots, and devastate enemy warships to achieve victory. With its impressive visual design, minimalist configuration, upbeat music, and not forgetting about the nukes, this real-time strategy game will be your next addiction!

Take your time building the supreme battlecruiser, making use of your skill set to unlock unique technology, gain an exclusive edge, destroy your rivals, and surpass robot adversaries. Develop exclusive and astute strategies to thwart your robot enemies on high difficulty levels. The eerie atmosphere with floating metallic cities - a tribute to mankind's landmarks - will transport you to the post-apocalyptic world where the oceans have soaked the Earth, and battles take place in the ocean's backdrop.

Unveil the striking hand-drawn artwork created by an artist dedicated to explosion symmetry that creates different particle systems for each blast. And, accompanied by the mood-dynamic music that complements the game's battles, a can't-miss opportunity for indulging gamers.

Play Charlie, an opportunistic utility robot that takes a Trident-class battleship for a quick spin around the harbor only to find it belongs to the superpower, facing an inescapable battle. Control and defend your cruiser against destruction while striving to collect frigates, artillery, bombers, lasers, stealth generators, and more with each victory. Strengthen your defense with armor shields, production speed boosters, and builder drones.

Devastate enemies with rapid-fire artillery, nuke launchers, and experimental ultra-weapons like Death Star Satellite, Ultralisk Rapid Fabrication Facility, and Kamikaze Signal to emerge victorious. This game enables you as a self-appointed battlecruiser captain with command over design, building, resourcing, and strategic approach in real-time actions. 

Challenge the ruthless automated enemy that is eager to destroy your cruiser. Keep enhancing your builder drones and strategic defenses, or else, encounter the deadliest military robots like Huntress, Destruktor, and the obstinate merciless Karen, or have her demand to speak to your manager!

Combat your way through 30+ extraordinary buildings and units as an experienced battleship commander, culminating in The Presidentron - the one considered as the leader of the ultimate military superpower - showdown. So choose the best weapons from your arsenal, deploy them with skill, and win the war in style! 

Meet the small but passionate team behind Battlecruisers. They are based in Auckland, New Zealand, and created the game in their leisure time. For them, it was the love of explosive RTS games with minimalist features. So, to help expand the game possibilities further and provide all their users with incredible levels and DLC, please support this first release. More information is available at
Mecha Weka
Release date
Jan 28, 2021
Single player

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