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MOBA meets Battle Royale in Battle Rivals. Mesmerizing 3v3 battles, strategy chessboard, and regular events. Join and become the last one standing!

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Step into the world of highly competitive real-time battles with Battle Rivals! Experience a thrilling MOBA game that will last between 3-10 minutes per match. Test your real-time battle skills as you engage in 3v3 team battles with players from all around the globe in the Arena Mode.

Are you looking for something more intense with higher stakes? Then Royale Mode is for you. Fight your way through a battle royale with 15 players until you become the last one standing. Survive the intense competition and defeat players from any corner of the world.

Choose from over 40 different heroes and place them strategically on the chessboard to commence an exciting auto team battle in the Chess mode. Play strategically and compete with players from all over the world to establish your dominance in the game.

Enjoy daily events and game modes that will keep you engaged. Unlock fast-paced event modes such as Arena, Royale, and Chess every day and gain access to new heroes through rewards.

If you encounter any issues with the game, the Battle Rivals team welcomes your feedback and suggestions to improve users’ experience.

Battle Rivals requires permission for storage to save and load essential data to play the game. Optional permissions are not collected other than the required permissions. To remove any permissions, go to Settings > Apps > Battle Rivals > Permissions > Grant or remove the app permissions. Upgrade your operating system to remove access permission or uninstall the app if you are using an Android version below 6.0.

Join the world of Battle Rivals today to experience a whole new level of gaming!
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