Battle of Titans

Battle of Titans

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Game overview

Mobile multiplayer shooter game starring mechanical titans with customizable upgrades, distinct team roles, and high-tech physics designed by GameDev veterans.

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Battle Titans is an exhilarating multiplayer third-person shooter that places you in control of powerful mechanical behemoths created by experienced developers. Immerse yourself in true console gaming on your mobile device and experience a fast-paced, action-packed adventure where victory lies in the balance of skill and strategy.

Red Button's team of GameDev veterans is proud to offer their latest masterpiece, featuring a variety of Light, Medium, and Heavy titans of different kinds. You will find everything from reworks of traditional bipedal robots to next-gen "mech-arachnids" with the ability to climb any terrain.

Choose your preferred role from the distinctive set of support/artillery, tank, assault, or scout. Deploy rocket launchers, machine guns, and railguns as you obliterate your enemies with an arsenal of firepower, including orbital strikes made by interplanetary dropships.

Customize your experience further by swapping out more than just your weapons. You can fine-tune everything from armor plating to chassis enhancements, with over 150 combinations of upgrades, giving you unique control over your titan's speed, durability, and appearance.

Battle Titans' cutting-edge, realistic physics engine powered by Unreal Engine 4 delivers an unparalleled high-tech battle simulator. Engage in small gaming sessions of 6-10 minutes, providing you with a much-needed adrenaline boost whenever and wherever you are.

Experience the futuristic world of Battle Titans for free today! Join us on the battlefield as a skilled Pilot, and prove your worth in combat. Share your feedback and suggestions on our official Facebook page, or connect with fellow gamers on Discord. In case of any problems, send us a message at
Release date
Oct 29, 2018

Gameplay & Streams

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