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Battle of Polestar

Battle of Polestar

Release date: TBA

Game overview

Explore a vast universe, forge alliances, and save the galaxy! Play Polestar: Space Defense and become the ultimate starry overlord.

The once-mighty empire has crumbled, and a new set of crises has emerged. As the stars twinkle overhead, a group of ambitious men are eagerly plotting and scheming to seize power. My aim is to harness the power of these celestial bodies and dispel the darkness that obstructs the starry sky! At any given moment, a planetary emergency could arise. But while flesh and blood are feeble, machinery is on the rise. My mission is to save the universe from the catastrophic Stardust Cataclysm! My ultimate goal is to illuminate every corner of this vast, boundless universe! ==Game Features== [Magnificent Galaxy] Open World, Free Exploration ✦ The grandiose universe of interstellar exploration was three years in the making, with endlessly expansive worlds waiting to be discovered! ✦ The three-dimensional, unrestricted perspective offers views of the most magnificent locations in the universe: The Milky Way is teeming with life. On alien stars, there are deep-sea vistas to behold. The center of the galaxy is incredibly prosperous... This vibrant and turbulent universe will dazzle your senses! [Cosmic Hegemony] Revamp and Transform, Elevate Me! ✦ Four unique career systems and sixteen transfer branches, with the ability to switch whenever you please! ✦ The Solar Flare can save the world, while the Lunar Eclipse can upend it. How many times can I reign supreme? Ultimately, my destiny is mine alone to determine! [Starry Fate] Amidst Millions of Socializers, I Only Need One ✦ Assemble a team of diverse interstellar companions to explore ruins, discover new planets, achieve the status of overlord of the starry sky, and help ignite the light of the Envoys! ✦ Embark on a mission to Neptune's pool party, hunt down creatures at the edge of the universe, and join forces with friends and loved ones in a fight for the Genesis Artifacts at the heart of the galaxy. There is always something fun to do with your posse! [Greatest Weaponry] Every Star in the Sky Is a Weapon in my Arsenal ✦ By refining and forging the Genesis Artifacts, I can create incredible weapons, cross-server struggles, and reign as the king of the stars! ✦ Even Envoys need financial resources! The cross-server market is an open marketplace. If I cannot achieve my dream of becoming a starry legend, then I will aim to become a millionaire! ==Time-Limited Bonus== Log in for seven days and receive a theme outfit that can be customized to suit your personal style! Log in to unlock the benefits of a VIP membership, greatly boosting your power level! Obtain high-quality equipment for free and enjoy a full refund of star diamonds on time! ==Contact Us== ✦ Customer ✦ Facebook:
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