Battle of Castles

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Battle of Castles: Free online multiplayer strategy game. Be the last team standing by conquering and protecting castles, accumulating power and defeating rivals.

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Looking for a free, ad-free online game? Join Battle of Castles and prove that you are the last team standing. This is a territory-conquering game where you need to take down other castles while defending your own. Keep in mind that your castle grows over time, so the more castles you possess, the faster you accumulate power. But take note that every attack reduces the power of your attacking castle by half, making it more vulnerable to further attacks. The bigger your castle, the harder it falls.

To continue thriving, limit the size of your castle to avoid stunting its growth. If the game goes on for more than four minutes, the team with the most number of castles wins. The game is available for 2 to 12 players, either as a team or individually. What's more, it's accessible on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Join the fray now at!
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