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Build an army, watch them fight in bitesized combat. Battle Legion's endless units, skins, and powers keep the laid-back gameplay fresh.

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Get ready to experience massive 100v100 battles like never before in Battle Legion – the top tier army-building game that promises endless fun on mobile devices! With a wide range of units and skins available, this game offers one of the best gaming experiences for players of all levels.

As a commander, you get to design and customize your army with dozens of unique units, ranging from sword and shield fighters to practitioners of arcane wizardry, dark age machinery, and mythical creatures. Equip your troops with dynamic seasonal Powers that match your masterplan, and watch them engage in battles that last 20 seconds or less!

What makes Battle Legion unique is its laid back gaming approach – you plan the army layout for your troops, and they handle the fighting! With auto-play enabled, your troops keep engaging enemy monsters and creatures even when you're busy. Plus, you get to choose how your warriors, battlefield, banner, and troops appear in battle, making you stand out at the top with unique cosmetic choices.

Take your troops to the next level and see how they fare against other top players' warriors on the battlefield! Learn from their strategies and power up your troops with dynamic seasonal Powers that boost their skills and abilities.

With every new Season comes new content and challenges to keep your troops battle-ready. As you tweak your epic raid strategy and focus on ranged raid attacks, heavy artillery, or up-close war and royale clash combat, there's always a new challenge waiting for you in the war world of Battle Legion.

Join the active and EPIC Discord clan of over 10K warriors and learn about winning strategies, troop strengths, tips and the game's development from devs who actively participate in weekly streams and community events hosted on YouTube.

In short, if you're searching for a top army building game full of fantastic characters, epic war battles, and immersive clash gameplay, Battle Legion is the perfect game for you! Ready your troops and raid, clash, hack, and slash against formidable enemies to become the stuff of legends!
Release date
Jul 02, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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