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Save people afflicted with the 'Baroque Syndrome' by creating illusions as a new therapist. A dark visual novel game for Android.

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Baroque – An epic and flamboyant style that was popular in the far-off past has now been personified as a tale of modern-day suicides, as the headline of a news article once whimsically stated. Since then, the term Baroque has explosively spread, enveloping all crimes with inexplicable motives under its umbrella term of "Baroque-type". Consequently, entrepreneurs of Baroque have appeared, making it a flourishing business.

In this dark and surreal visual novel, you play as the protagonist, Kitsune, who becomes a "Baroque Shop" owner. You will help people who have been possessed by Baroque to heal by creating delusions that they desire. Expect multiple branches in the storyline. This game is an adaptation of "Baroque Syndrome," originally released in 2000. It has been adjusted for use in smartphone applications. Rest assured, there is no additional charge for downloading.

【Additional Features of the App】
・Screen ratio can be changed from 1:1 to 4:3
・Save slots have been expanded to 10 (you can save your favorite scenes).
・"Read" skip, full text skip, autoplay
・Resume function (even if you forget to save, you can restart where you left off).
・Log function (you can check missed dialogue).

・If you delete the app, the stored game data will be reset. You can transfer saved data to the cloud. (Note: it cannot be transferred between different OS systems.)
・There are scenes with mild blood and grotesque depictions.
・If the app is not starting correctly, try closing other apps and restarting your phone.
・If there are any other issues, contact Sting Support.

【Recommended Operating System】
Android 5.0 or higher.

(1) Support is only provided for recommended operating systems.
(2) Depending on the usage status of the customer, unstable operation may occur even on recommended models.
(3) When the recommended OS version is described as "AndroidXXX or higher", it does not necessarily mean that it is compatible with the latest version.

【Sting Official Website】

Baroque Syndrome is a reconstruction based on the novel "BAROQUISM▲SYNDROME" (written by Mariko Shimizu), which tells the story of Baroque's prehistory.
Release date
Jan 11, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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