Banui Moheom: Idle RPG

Banui Moheom: Idle RPG

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Game overview

Join the Grave Keeper Knights and become the world's strongest hero in this casual, strategic, and idle RPG featuring unique characters and mini-games.

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πŸ’Œ You have been invited to join the 'Grave Keeper Knight'!

πŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ From a novice knight to the world's strongest hero, an idle game!
πŸ“– Unique characters and lovely episodes that jump out of comics!
βš”οΈ Let's get pumped up with casual, strategic, and idle RPG!

β–  Where does the power of the knight's order end? An infinite, idle RPG where you can keep growing stronger! πŸ’ͺ
- Challenge endless battles, adventures, and stages!
- Just hold down the auto-fight button and get rewards?! Keep growing endlessly!
- Double-speed battles, and one-second skips for boss battles! The thrill of high-speed progress!

β–  Train and nurture 38 characters that have jumped out of comics the way you want! πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ
- You're worried that the chosen hero is a novice? No worries! Grow them steadily with grade upgrades!
- A legion of your own heroes who keep endlessly growing through leveling up, collecting artifacts, and strengthening skills!
- Strengthen your hero with custom (DIY) equipment made in the forge! More than 60 attractive costumes to level up both visually and in statistics!

β–  Make automatic battles even more fun! Develop strategies and play smart. πŸ€”
- Place your heroes to gain buffs and lead the battle more advantageously!
- Tap the elemental spirits for extra damage against enemies! Make battles easier!
- The support knights' combat support! Make use of heroes who don't participate in battles!

β–  Get items when you defeat dungeon bosses?! Grow into a strong hero!πŸ‘Ή

β–  Is there a mini-game in an RPG?! The treasure dungeon where you get both gold and fun!

β–  Who will be the strongest? A showdown of the global knight's order! (PVP)
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