Game overview

Explore unique worlds, collect crystals and teleport from place to place in the simple VR game BAMF. Now compatible with screen-tapping, Bluetooth/USB controllers and magnet switches.

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BAMF is a simplistic VR game with uncomplicated gameplay that can be easily mastered with a single button input. In this game, you'll be traversing through distinctive and otherworldly environments in search of the luminous crystals. This game is inclusive of challenges that require both exploration skills, maze-solving dexterity, and quick reflexes when maneuvering through the timed obstacles.

While BAMF is a platforming game, it shouldn't be confused with the traditional jump-and-run genre as this game's key mechanic is teleportation. By aiming your focus at the desired location and pressing the button on your controller, you can move to your preferred destination. Screen-tapping, Bluetooth/USB controllers, and magnet switches are all currently supported.

It's recommended that the game be played while standing or seated on a swivel chair because players will be required to turn 360 degrees to fully experience the game.

Please note that BAMF is designed specifically for Google Cardboard, so a compatible phone and appropriate enclosure are required. Failure to meet these requirements may result in a less than satisfactory gaming experience. If at any point while playing the game you feel discomfort or queasiness, please take a break and discontinue playing. If you find that your view is drifting off to the side while playing the game, simply place the phone on a flat surface for a few moments to allow it to stabilize.

BAMF's prototype was the runner-up in the VRTGO VR-design contest, a testament to the immense amount of effort invested in the game's production. If you have any feedback to share, whether it's positive, negative, or neutral, send us a tweet @JustAnotherFool.
Release date
Dec 20, 2016
Single player