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Balance: a puzzle game about electricity & power grids. Keep grids functional, avoid blackouts & produce the right power. Developed by Statnett, based on real challenges.

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Electricity and power grids are vital for maintaining order, without them there would be pandemonium. If you're up for a challenge, Balance is the perfect free puzzle game for you. You need to ensure that power grids are running smoothly, blackouts are avoided, and the right amount of power is always produced.

The game pushes you to ponder upon some challenges you may have never considered before. For instance:
- Were you aware that the amount of power produced is optimized all day long to match usage?
- Did you know that a single power line cannot transmit unlimited power and tends to get overloaded if the limit is exceeded?
- Did you know that if a well-designed power grid has any one line disconnected, it won’t cause any blackouts?
Playing the game doesn't require any prior knowledge of how electricity or power grids work, everyone can enjoy it.

Balance has been developed by Statnett, the system operator in the Norwegian energy system. It's a game crafted based on real-life challenges they face daily.
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