Backgammon NJ HD

Backgammon NJ HD

Jimmy Hu
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Play & learn versatile backgammon ~(~ 2-player, online, AI ~(~ trained on millions of positions ~)~ . Top-ranked and customizable app for iPhone, iPad.

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Backgammon NJ HD is the ultimate backgammon game for players looking for a versatile and customizable experience. You can play this game in real-time or at your own pace, offline against the computer or online against friends or random players. Backgammon NJ HD comes with more options than other backgammon apps available in the market.

This game has a universal design, which means that you can play it on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Backgammon NJ HD has skill levels ranging from beginner to world-class, therefore accommodating everyone’s skill level. The game’s advanced, neural network-based artificial intelligence makes it a worthwhile experience. You can either choose to play against the computer or another person in 2-player mode on one device.

One of the game's unique features is the ability to use Tutor Mode and Hints to better your game. Backgammon NJ HD will guide you on how to improve your game by showing the right moves to make. More so, the AI uses a bearoff database, a match equity table, and a neural network trained on millions of positions to offer strong gameplay that challenges expert players.

The discriminating players will appreciate how well the AI plays. It is trained on millions of positions, which lets it play at a world-class level. The AI does not cheat, and this has been confirmed by analyzing matches with eXtreme Gammon.

For those players looking for a challenge, Backgammon NJ is the way to go. It comes with an excellent interface and has more useful functions than any other backgammon apps. You can customize the board design and checker colors to your preference. You can play Standard Backgammon or Nackgammon.

Apart from the above features, Backgammon NJ HD has various other features such as online Elo and Experience leaderboards, Block list for auto-match, and much more. You can email match files, analyze past match files, view moves and errors for the match and step through matches.

Backgammon NJ HD will prove a worthwhile game, whether you are a beginner or an expert player. Contact NJ for help if needed.
Jimmy Hu
Release date
May 18, 2010

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