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Purify an ancient curse in Backfire - take control of an exorcist, dodge countless demons, and use your ship to unleash blasts of epic proportions.

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Get ready to face your worst fears in Backfire, the game that challenges you to cleanse an ancient curse. Assume the role of an exorcist on a dangerous mission armed with only a ship that shoots from the rear. Beware, for installing Backfire means that your soul will be irreversibly bound to the game. You'll only be able to break free once you achieve total victory; otherwise, you'll be damned forever.

Your path to success will be filled with countless obstacles, as ancient demons rise against you and you face death again and again. The only way you can emerge victorious is by using your skills and perseverance to purify the curse and save yourself. Play at your own risk.

Backfire features simple tap-to-turn controls, making it easy to navigate through the brutally difficult gameplay. You'll have access to eight unique weapons and will need to defeat four epic bosses. Upgrade your ship in dozens of ways and defeat hoards of monsters to purify the ancient curse.

TouchArcade calls Backfire "one of the most brilliant things," praising the game's risk-taking and exhilarating moments. Meanwhile, AppUnwraper remarks on the little details, such as the neon color palette and blood-red screen when you die. SuperGameDroid is impressed with the game's polished gunplay and fantastic enemy design, and PocketGamer describes Backfire as a slick and smart shooter that doesn't conform to traditional gaming rules.

Dare to enter the cursed world of Backfire?
Joel Rochon
Release date
Jan 16, 2019

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