Back to Bed

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Guide Bob's sleepwalking subconscious through surreal dreamscapes in Back to Bed, an isometric puzzle game with beautiful, artistic visuals.

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Experience a surreal and artistic dream world in Back to Bed, an innovative Indie 3D puzzle game that will challenge your mind and delight your senses. Your task is to guide the sleepwalking Bob to safety by taking control of his subconscious guardian Subob. Traverse through a beautiful and colorful dreamscapes that appear to be straight out of a painting. Your journey is filled with obstacles that may hinder your progress, so you need to think outside the box to navigate the lush, vibrant terrain and avoid the hazards that may lurk.

What's more, this game is completely ad-free and doesn't have any in-app purchases that disrupt the immersive experience.

Back to Bed has received several awards and nominations such as the IGF Student Showcase Winner 2013, Nordic Game Indie Night 2012: Finalist and Dutch Game Awards 2012: Guts & Glory Indie Award, among others. The game has left its mark on the gaming world, and for good reasons.

Experience unique isometric puzzle levels that defy the laws of physics. Navigate through these puzzles and manipulate the environment to create safe pathways for Bob and avoid any dangers that may be in the puzzle. Play as the subconsciousness, in the form of a small guardian creature, and use your wit and resourcefulness to save the sleepwalking Bob.

The picturesque visual style of Back to Bed adds to the game's overall charm. The game will make you feel like you are playing in a piece of art set on a digital frame. The visual style is appealing, inspired by hand-painted techniques, surreal art, and impossible shapes.

Unlock the Nightmare Mode for a more challenging version of the game that will test your puzzle-solving skills. Enjoy this game with MOGA controllers and NVIDIA TegraZone with full support on NVIDIA SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Tablet, and Android TV.

As Killscreen aptly puts it, "Back to Bed manages to simultaneously be predictable and surprising, sleepy and lively, scary and comforting-just like any good piece of Surrealist art." states that "Back to Bed is what happens when you let Dali, Escher, and Magritte develop a game." Back to Bed is a must-play for anyone looking for an innovative and mind-bending puzzle game.
Criss Cross Games
Release date
Aug 28, 2014
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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Back to Bed - Gameplay Trailer | PS4, PS3 & PS VitaPlayStation
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