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Ayuda: Mystery Adventure

Game overview

Explore the unspoilt land of AYUDA and solve puzzles to uncover the mysterious hidden treasure, with immersive graphics and backing soundtrack.

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The island of AYUDA offers a unique combination of adventure and relaxation for its visitors. With half of the island being a vacation paradise offering amenities such as hotels, beaches, and bars, the other half remains an unspoilt ancient land that was only ever visited by smuggling pirates back in the 1500’s. According to local lore, the island was named after distress messages crafted on the beach by smugglers that became stranded on the island and discovered by Spanish explorers, the Spanish word for help being “ayuda”.

Rumours have been circulating since the island got its name of a mysterious hidden treasure somewhere deep inside the mountains, but as the terrain is quite inhospitable and filled with the possibility of ancient traps, this adventure has been left unexplored.

AYUDA is a first-person point-and-click graphic puzzle adventure game that resembles the games that were popular in the 90’s. The gameplay interface is simple, with the world you explore and an inventory panel being the only two facets of the game, where you get to collect, combine, and use items to solve puzzles.

While exploring the island, you will be required to collect hidden objects and take in your surroundings. Your puzzle-solving skills will come in handy while you make your way through the island, solving riddles and finding your way to the secret treasure of AYUDA. The puzzles in this game have logical solutions, so there isn't a rush, take your time and enjoy the process of understanding what is required to get to the treasure.

AYUDA offers easy-to-play mechanics, where you touch the screen to move around and have the use of the arrow to go back. The inventory panel is there for you to collect, combine, and use objects. The game is equipped with beautiful, all-original 3D graphics, which have been designed to create an atmospheric environment for players to explore.

An immersive backing soundtrack and effects have been crafted to help pull you into the puzzle adventure, making the game even more enjoyable. The game has an automatic saving feature, where you can use the “continue” button on the main menu to pick up where you left off.

If you find yourself struggling to solve puzzles, hints and tips are available. All you need to do is email or reach out over social media (contact links available on the website), and the developer will be more than happy to assist.

AYUDA is an indie game designed by a solo developer who is passionate about adventure gaming. Feedback from players on their experience while playing the game is valuable to the developer, who is always excited to hear from those who have played the game. The game is compatible with all devices and has been designed to be as resource-efficient as possible, allowing it to be played across many devices. If you encounter any difficulties while playing the game, email the developer, and updates will be provided to ensure everyone can enjoy the adventure.
Release date
Apr 14, 2021

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