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AutoChess Moba: Free heroes, fair fights, asymmetrical map, innovative abilities, and diverse item choices await in thrilling 5v5 showdowns.

Jump into the world of AutoChess Moba and experience exhilarating showdowns like never before. AutoChess Moba boasts an innovative MOBA game with an asymmetrical arena where all heroes can be acquired for free. The game's worldview is centered on transforming familiar pieces in a chessboard to heroes, creating a unique and exciting journey. The game stands for the importance of fairness and justice, dedicating itself to creating a versatile environment where players can unleash their full potential and skills. The success in the game depends solely on players' skills and strategy; there are no runes, extra in-combat bonus attributions, or pay-to-win elements. Experience the ultimate glory by engaging in 5v5 team fights with an enchanting spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. From being a journeyman to becoming a king, players' effort is celebrated and rewarded on their path to victory. Enjoy the versatility and intricacy of every hero with unique distinguishing features, including beginner-friendly and high skill cap abilities. Create a specific team composition built to launch decisive wombo combos to defeat your opponents. Additionally, based on Auto Chess, AutoChess Moba has an innovative art design that artfully combines the innovation and classic in a distinctive and electric gaming experience with iconic characters. Take your gaming experience to the next level with the brand new asymmetrical map that elevates the tactical dimension to a whole new level. Experience the thrills and spills of the battlefield by either cooperating with your teammates or going solo. In AutoChess Moba, players take control of their own fate by making choices of items at will. The game's ingenious item system allows players to purchase and equip heroes with various active ability items, including Blink abilities, Mass Control abilities, and Damage Reduction abilities. Strategically exploit them to gain the benefits and ultimately win the game.
Release date
Nov 29, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

AutoChess Moba - CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)Gaming Mobile
AutoChess Moba vs Dota 2 Abilities ComparisonYason-


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