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Embark on Estra's journey through a corrupted Midgard, filled with Nordic lore, consequential decisions, and rhythm-based combat in ATONE.

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Midgard, the once-prosperous land filled with mythical creatures and beings, is now rotting from the inside, plagued by mysterious and dark forces. Odin's guardians of the realm have vanished, leaving the sacred Elder Tree vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. The last hope of the people now rests on the shoulders of Estra, the daughter of mankind's last great leader.

ATONE is an interactive story-driven game that follows Estra's perilous journey through Midgard, immersing players into a world of Norse mythology brimming with mystery, secrets, and mystique. With a strong emphasis on narrative, players will explore Estra's family's history and the realm's looming darkness as they unravel the game's storyline.

This game is a delicate dance of choices filled with untrustworthy characters and difficult decisions that could alter Estra's fate. As players travel alongside her, they must decipher truth from falsehoods and decide right from wrong, carrying the consequences that could ensue.

Puzzles abound in the game, and players must solve incrementally challenging puzzles to uncover hidden passageways, insightful secrets and mystical abilities. Mistakes may result in the loss of crucial information, so patience is crucial. Remember, failure is a valid option.

While violence may not always be necessary, the mechanics of ATONE's combat are grounded in rhythmic gameplay, reminiscent of titles such as Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, where a careful choreography of sword and axe movements is crucial. Each fight has its song, and music is a vital component of the game's combat system.

ATONE's sound design and music are a meticulously composed blend of synth-heavy scores and digitally corrupted sounds of period-specific instruments that immerse players into the game's world.

Finally, the ATONE Arena game mode puts your rhythm game combat skills to the test, unlocking up to 18 unique battles, each with their own original music and enemies. Rise up the leaderboards by garnering the highest score possible. ATONE is a complete package for gamers who want an immersive story-driven game with a mix of combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving aesthetics.
Release date
Sep 19, 2019
Single player


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