Atomic Order

Atomic Order

GridSky Software A/S

Game overview

Atomic Order is casual simulation game where the player can tap the display to propel a ball towards a cluster of balls. The balls will group together based on certain rules. Balls will disappear if more than three balls are grouped.

There are five main levels:
• Blob consists of a spherical group of balls.
• Long Island consists of a cylindrical string of balls.
• Fluidic Space consists of a spatial distribution of balls with certain attractor rules.
• Dance of the Atoms consists of a spatial distribution of balls with certain attractor and repel rules.
• Rotating Blob consists of a rotating spherical group of balls.

Each level consists of 125 sublevels. The full game has a total of 625 sublevels, offering hours of funny 3D bubble popping.

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Release date
Nov 18, 2016

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