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Discover the Periodic Table in Atom Merge Idle Game. Merge atoms, generate particles, and mine antimatter while exploring higher level reactions.

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Atom Merge is an intriguing idle game that offers an unforgettable gaming experience, enabling players to collect the complete array of known chemical substances, from Hydrogen to Oganesson. True fans of the idle game genre will appreciate the game's unique mechanics, and they will enjoy ascending through the ranks from a Schoolboy to a Professor with a global reputation.

In Atom Merge, players will be able to combine atoms, obtain all of the mendeleev table's elements, create neutrino particles, and mine antimatter. Players can click to increase the chemical element production speed; they can also employ automatic merges to help them obtain more elements. The encyclopedia provides a wealth of information for the players, including details about various elements and their compounds, as well as interesting facts. Players must conserve energy and improve their production output to progress in the game and improve their strategic and economic skills.

The game's unique features allow players to earn while being offline, and they can also complete achievements to acquire new scientific statuses. Players may collect antimatter and make epic upgrades with it, reset the game to obtain neutrinos, and play mini-games to obtain antimatter. The game's captivating mechanics prompt players to explore and discover fusion reactions that allow them to create higher-level atoms.

Atom Merge is a science-themed idle game with straightforward and engaging "merge" gameplay mechanics. Whether you enjoy idle games or prefer merging games, Atom Merge combines all of the best features found in both genres, promising an exhilarating gaming experience. Join now and embrace your inner chemist!
Release date
Feb 17, 2023

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