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Astra's Garden

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Game overview

Grow plants to make medicine for customers in an hour, but play forever. Astra's Garden contains themes of chronic illness and death.

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ASTRA'S GARDEN is an idle game that revolves around nurturing and cultivating plants, to prepare medicine for your clientele. The game promises a fulfilling ending in under an hour, but you can continue your gardening tale as long as you desire.

Please be advised that the storyline of this game contains profound themes such as chronic illness and death. We request you to approach this game with sensitivity.

Kudos to NomnomNami for their creative efforts in story, art, and music. Additionally, we are grateful to our translation team - Jose Jil Tudela for Spanish, Yuri Akuto for French, Toni Nerdson for German, Rypher for Italian, Nika Klag for Polish, Fah Braccini for Portuguese, Zweelee for Russian, and Ebru Nilay Vural for Turkish - for assisting us in communicating the game's essence to players in diverse regions.

The game involves planting, cultivating, and ultimately blending your plants to create healing potions for your customers. As you progress, you will discover new varieties of plants capable of producing unique medicines. The game's primary objective is to concoct a specific remedy for your clients, but you can expand your garden to accommodate additional plant species and increase their yield capacity.

The game's graphics and imagery are picturesque and vibrant. The game world is whimsical and color-coded to differentiate the plants, making the gaming experience pleasing to the eye. The background score is serene and composed, complementing the tranquil garden atmosphere.

ASTRA'S GARDEN offers a relaxed, stress-free gaming experience where you can immerse yourself in a calm world of plants. Download the game today and witness the simplicity of nature and its potential healing power.
Release date
May 08, 2022


Skich_User_15470from Skich app
it's a cute relaxing game with with cute art style...

Gameplay & Streams

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