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Game overview

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is a dark medieval fantasy world exploration game, with tactical and stylish combat featuring real-time PvP arenas.

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In the past, Planis was a prosperous world but it now hangs in the balance due to the despotic and insane reign of King Magnus. A campaign to liberate the populace from his cruelty was launched, but it met with a calamity that doomed everyone. A colossal tree of death emerged from the ground and caused some people to savagely eat their allies while others transformed into monstrous creatures. Ultimately, the goddess Veda appeared and picked a new hero to restore peace to the corrupted land. A Knight of Veda, like you, is the last hope for normality to return.

Discover the world of Planis!
Embark on a perilous journey through this medieval fantasy universe. Deadly obstacles are lurking everywhere; you'll face off against countless undead beings and ferocious monsters in the Nightmare, while challenging bosses wait for you in their Sealed Prisons. Confront these horrific monsters alone and be rewarded with enhancements to fortify your Knights of Veda for epic battles to come.

Stylish and Tactical Combat
As the Master of the Book, you have to command each Knight of Veda wisely while facing daunting bosses and beasts. Every Knight of Veda has their own set of distinct skills and weapons, thus it is your responsibility to exploit them. You can travel with up to four Knights of Veda at once, or you can opt to explore the game's challenges together in co-op mode.

A Game Changer in Beat-em-up games!
ASTRA: Knights of Veda introduces a new dynamic to the beat-em-up genre with its slick and fluid 2D combat system, utilizing dodge rolls and powerful skills that come with a satisfying combat experience. One skill can be all it takes to shift the balance of power, while one mistake can cause irreparable damage.

Competitive Arenas
Engage in real-time PvP arenas and secure your honor. You can either fight solo to prove your worth, or enlist other knights to band together for team-based battles. Your ranking is determined by your performance, so show off your skills on the battlefield and advance your rank accordingly.
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