Ashland: Rebellion of Gods

Ashland: Rebellion of Gods

Efun Games Co., Ltd.
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Play as a Voyager in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods to experience the ultimate war of the Gods with next-gen graphics, multiple characters, and simple controls.

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Have you ever envisioned yourself joining the rebellion of gods in Ashland? This mobile game invites you to experience the power of the gods and fight against the demons that have ravaged the mortal realm. You will be greeted by Athens Parthenon, the last bastion of hope in a world plagued by chaos and destruction. As the Chosen One, it is your duty to accept the blessing of goddess Athena and guard the world until your soul finds peace.

Ashland: Rebellion of Gods presents a unique gameplay experience where you will receive the divine power of various gods such as the wise Athena, the mighty Thor, and the sly Loki. The Eternal War of the gods is about to begin, and as the Voyager, you must fight alongside them to return peace and order to the world.

What sets this game apart from others is its next-gen graphic quality that surpasses the mobile gaming standard. Using Unity 3D, the game promises to immerse you in the war of the gods with detailed lighting and effects.

As you engage in the battle for Ashland, you will encounter a team of multiple characters. Play as warriors, mages, and archers simultaneously without the need to replay the game with different characters. Each character follows a different path, allowing you to develop your perfect team of DPS, tanks, and AoE control.

The game also features an "AFK RPG with single hand" mode, perfect for when you want to take a break from the intense gameplay. With just a swipe of your finger, you can explore the world and farm for EXP automatically. This way, you can enjoy the game's satisfaction of swiftly leveling up without stressing out.

Join the Ashland rebellion today and fight for the gods to save the mortal realm! Be the Chosen One and experience the power of the gods in this exciting mobile game. Don't forget to follow them on Facebook for more updates and news.
Efun Games Co., Ltd.
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