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Fight to save the universe in Asdivine Menace, a free traditional RPG. 2D battles, weapon crafting, and relationships with companion spirits enhance gameplay.

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Asdivine Menace is a classic RPG game that is completely free to play. The game takes place approximately 100 years after the events of Asdivine Dios where peace has finally settled in. However, things take a sudden turn when a visitor from another world arrives to let everyone know that the entire universe is facing destruction. This is where the protagonist, Izayoi, sets off on a quest to reverse this fate along with his three eccentric spirit companions, by traveling through four different worlds to find a solution to the problem.

The game features engaging 2D battles, which are more immersive than ever before. In addition to the traditional battle system, there are also cooperative attacks and new limit break skills that enable players to take down hordes of enemies with ease. Asdivine Menace is packed with a plethora of content including quests, collection tasks, and a battle arena. Players can also enjoy the game's post-game content.

Asdivine Menace comes with various weapon types to collect and weapon crafting options, including the Barrel Busters feature. Players can convert their weapons into ones that are capable of striking fear into the hearts of their enemies galaxy-wide.

By exploring the game, players can cultivate special bonds of trust with their spirit companions, and with the progression of the game, their fates evolve into new and meaningful directions.

Asdivine Menace can be played entirely without any in-game transactions that involve money. However, there is a Premium Edition that includes 1500 extra in-game points that players can purchase for an additional price. If you encounter any bugs or problems with the application, be sure to contact the developer through the Contact button on the title screen.

The game is available in English and Japanese languages and has generally been tested to work on any mobile device that has been released in Japan. The developers provide support for the game via their website and newsletters.
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