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Play for free and save Asdivine in this fantasy RPG, featuring battle combos, enemy skill learning, and post-game content.

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Embark on a thrilling adventure in a grand fantasy RPG where you will bear the fate of light and shadow to save the world of Asdivine. Harvey, a member of a band of outlaws known as the Watchers, gets arrested while attempting to loot the chancellor's mansion and finds himself imprisoned in the dungeon. Within the cell walls, he meets a woman who claims to be the very Princess of the castle they are being held in. Doubtful of her claims, yet unwilling to abandon her, he assists her escape to uncover the truth.

Follow in Harvey's footsteps as he journeys with a trio of heroines and is led by divine guidance and fate itself. Build relationships with his companions and witness them bloom or wither. The game's stand-alone title in the well-liked Asdivine series packs a great punch on mobile devices.

Battle hordes of enemies with powerful combos, and witness spectacular attacks when you fill the Trust Gauge or combine magic and skills. You can also opt for the auto-battle mode that includes various tactics to make battles easier.

Lucile, one of the heroines, has the unique ability to learn magic and skills that her enemies use, amounting to an impressive 200+ kinds for her use.

The game has extra content that builds on its predecessors, including weapon upgrades, a tough battle arena, and post-game content that will keep you engaged for hours.

Play the game in its entirety without in-game transactions. The actual cost might vary depending on the location. If you face any issues with the application, contact the support team through the contact button on the title screen instead of leaving negative reviews.

The game supports English and Japanese languages, optimized game controller, and SD card storage. It has been tested on mobile devices released in Japan, and the developer cannot guarantee full support for other devices.

Agree to the End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy and Notice to access the game.

In conclusion, Asdivine Cross is a free-to-play game with an option for a premium edition that includes 1000 in-game bonus points. Explore a massive world with engaging content and experience an adventure like never before. Follow the game's latest updates by subscribing to the newsletter and liking the Facebook page.
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