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Arrow Quest: Idle RPG Defense - Unleash your archer and protect the kingdom from invading darkness. Easy, engaging gameplay with rapid level progression, epic boss battles, and endless content.

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Arrow Quest: Idle RPG Defense is a one-of-a-kind game that blends idle gameplay, strategic archery, and RPG elements for a remarkable gaming experience. In this epic adventure, you are destined to defend your kingdom from the forces of darkness as an aspiring archer. Every arrow that you shoot reinforces your kingdom's resistance against the shadows.

The game's effortless and engaging idle gameplay allows you to unleash your archer, who will tirelessly fight for you. Even while you are offline, you will earn rewards in this thrilling idle clicker game. Strategic battles with easy-to-win mechanics provide incomparable entertainment. The game's simplistic tap mechanics let you select, empower, and release your archer with just one touch.

Arrow Quest: Idle RPG Defense offers rapid level progression, where you can level up your archer, upgrade your gear, and unlock dominant abilities. There are no limits to your growth in this game. Become the strongest archer in all the lands and witness your enemies tremble in your presence!

Prepare yourself for massive boss battles that will challenge your tactics and skills. Defeat these mighty adversaries and claim their riches as your own.

Arrow Quest: Idle RPG Defense features endless gameplay and content to keep you hooked. Enhance your archers with a wealth of equipment, improve their skills and unlock powerful abilities. Play endlessly and enjoy new excitement again and again!
Release date
Sep 12, 2023
Single player