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Arrow Battle Online

Game overview

Top 10 Google Indie Game Festival winner, Arrow Fest is an online multiplayer game with archers and shield soldiers battling for victory through teamwork and strategy.

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◇Victorious in the Top 10 Google Indie Game Festival in Japan!◇
Unleash arrows simultaneously with nine other gamers in an online clash!
Will you persevere till the end with arrows showering down on you?

Seize the opportunities in your rivals’ defenses, and make strikes while evading the storm of arrows pelting down at you!
It’s elementary to use, but you can revel in intricate battles by timing your strikes, managing your stamina, and firing arrows to push your adversary back to the wall!
Aside from the archers, there are other classes of warriors such as shield soldiers and the ultimate key to triumph is teamwork, not necessarily tight cohesion.

In online clashes, players' ratings are appended according to your level of contribution to victory.
Let’s aim for the highest rank [S] class, and beyond!

Also, there are hundreds of avatars available to beautify your appearance.
You can peruse through hundreds of avatars and fuse them to forge your personalized character!

■It’s not just bows! Shield soldiers!
Upon reaching a certain rank, you will be able to choose a “shield soldier” chaperoning a shield in addition to the main soldier type “archer” who shoots a bow.

Shield soldiers specialize in safeguarding their comrades, and their main battle style is supporting their team members!
Shields are likely to break if they are blocked repeatedly by the adversary's attacks.
If your shield breaks, capitalize on your enemy's strike to mend it!

An unscathed shield soldier can screen a view that is crammed with gaps resulting from poor stamina or protect another shield soldier who is fixing his shield, thus magnifying your team’s chance of victory!

Super attack
Each kind of soldier cumulates Super attack power while moving around.
Once it is at full capacity, the special move can be initiated.

Archer: "Rapid Fire" that blasts off three arrows in quick succession.

【Shield Soldier】
Shield Thrower: Hurls a shield.

The shield thrower is more potent when activated synchronically with the rival’s arrow shot, since it reaches the rival's spot while bouncing off airborne arrows.

Special cheering system
This game entails team spirit, hence forging ahead even if you are pummeled early on is fundamental!
You can fervently spur on your remaining allies!
You can uplift your allies by tapping the red balls that appear on your screen at an increasing pace!
(Enabled under D rank. Until then, you can only cheer by tapping repeatedly.)

(Up to then, you can tap and press the ball for support.
The lower the number of surviving players, the more power an individual player can gain.

The player who gains all the power from everyone else is undoubtedly a warrior!
Your Special Move Power will progress swiftly, and your shield repair pace will intensify!

With the solidarity of everyone, you can turn the tables around!

Planning and development: Pop

Princesses and Characters' Illustrations, Icon design: しき

◇Opening, Forest BGM

◇Castle BGM

■About Android permissions
This permission is needed to store screenshots of the game briefly on your device when you share it via the SNS button.
It is not used for any other purpose.

It also saves a video on your device fleetingly to keep battle replays. This is turned off by default, and a confirmation popup will appear when recording.
Release date
Mar 27, 2021

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