Army Antz

Army Antz

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Game overview

Build an army of Antz and dominate 5v5 RTS battles. Conquer 19 arenas, upgrade Antz, earn achievements, and battle a friend in PVP split screen.

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Immerse yourself in an intense, action-packed real-time strategy game with Army Antz! Build up your army of ants and take on your enemies in 5v5 battles across 19 beautifully crafted arenas. Your mission is to advance towards your enemy's base, seize their flag, and crush their support in order to invade their Queen's lair. Rally your troops and lead them to victory as you take down the opposing army and claim your glory.

With 13 powerful ant cadres at your disposal, each with their own unique weapon class, you'll need to strategize carefully to outsmart and outplay your enemies. Choose from 4 difficulty modes (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Kamikaze) to tailor the challenge to your liking. Beware, as higher difficulties will see your enemies becoming more aggressive and behaving in new ways.

To aid you in your conquest, Army Antz offers a variety of support items to help you smash ants and conquer the world. With 19 achievements to unlock, you'll have plenty of gameplay to challenge your skills and improve your army. Upgrade your Antz to become more powerful and watch your strategy come to life on the battlefield.

If you're looking for a solo experience, Army Antz has you covered with its single-player campaign. Battle your way to the enemy Queen, defeating armies battle by battle until you reach your ultimate goal.

For even more fun, Army Antz offers a split-screen PVP multiplayer mode, allowing you to battle head-to-head with your friends on a big screen tablet. With easy-to-use controls, you'll be able to tap-to-move your army effortlessly and navigate through battles with just one finger, using two fingers to zoom in and out.

Join the ranks of seasoned commanders and show off your skills with Army Antz!
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