Arithmagic: Math Wizard Game

Arithmagic: Math Wizard Game

Shahrin Khan
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Game overview

Become a magical math wizard casting spells and defeating enemies while improving math skills. Features 70 levels and RPG elements. No ads or in-app purchases.

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Immerse yourself in a magical world as a mage with the power of numbers! Master your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills through hurling math spells that fuse, flip, and cast together to obliterate your foes.


• Cast innovative math spells using four dissimilar operators
• Combine math spells altogether in a fluid control system and swiftly chain math operations one after the other.
• Flip your spells to transform the operator into the opposite: addition to subtraction, multiplication to division!
• Join your spells to design fresh and distinct ones
• Overcome seventy levels and become a skilled arithmetician
• Ten different enemies, each with three peculiar abilities.
• Challenge yourself with fast-paced action in the challenge mode or take your time and enjoy in relax mode.


• Use math spells to subtract, add, multiply, or divide your and your enemy's health in a table stacking setup like doing arithmetic by hand.
• In more advanced levels, sharpen your algebraic skills with fill-in-the-blank equation monsters.


• As you defeat bosses, you can obtain new math spell cards.
• You can rearrange your math spell deck according to your preference
• Obtain perfect scores on levels like an RPG and use your skill points to level up your wizard and defeat stronger adversaries
• Use coins earned from annihilating foes to buy additional spell cards from the shop.
• Engage in other magical effects using distinct math spell cards such as Healing, Stun, etc.


• You can play offline!
• There are no ads or in-app purchase distractions!
Shahrin Khan
Release date
Jan 06, 2019

Gameplay & Streams

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