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Social deduction game set in Ancient Greece with werewolves vs. vampires. Use special powers to deceive and win. Earn rewards, play with friends worldwide, and collect unique cosmetics.

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This upcoming game is currently in its testing and development stage. You can experience the Limited Time Werewolf vs Vampire Cult Pass and engage in social deduction by investigating clues and facts to deceive other players through your lies. Work cohesively with your team to win, or uncover the mystery by finding the suspects.

As you play, you can earn various rewards and collectibles to add to your inventory. The game boasts a range of features, including voice and text chat, playing with friends, matchmaking with players worldwide, special cosmetics, the ability to send gifts, display emotes, and a ranking system, to name a few. You can also choose your preferred language through the Language Options tab.

The game is based on the aristocrat people of Ancient Greece and how they influenced the villagers' lives. There are two distinct teams and nine unique roles that have special powers, which must be used secretly to fight for the team's victory. Beware! There could be killers among you, and becoming an aristocrat requires one to have a cunning mind.

The KILLERS team comprises of individuals who strive to dominate the world, such as the killer commonly referred to as "Ghost," his strategist right-hand man "Hand," the hypocritical and self-absorbed "Politician." The GOODS team boasts members like the true warrior of the arenas, known as "Legend," the first doctor in history titled the "Healer," those wise enough to cast spells, recognized as "Sorcerer," a follower like a shadow named "Stalker," a change-maker in history who makes love, called "Eros," and finally, the thinker, known as the "Philosopher."

The game is under development, and new features are to be expected. Join the Discord channel and become part of the game by following the link :)
Huna Games
Release date
Oct 30, 2021

Gameplay & Streams

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