Aria of God Killing

Aria of God Killing

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Fight the demonic army as a contract-bound warrior in 3D real-time battles and unravel the truth behind the divine invasion in this dark fantasy RPG.

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Enter the dark fantasy world of "Aria the God Slayer," where humanity is suddenly faced with a formidable enemy known as the "Gods" who appear worldwide. The only ones who can match them are girls called "Diamis" who have struck a deal with the demons. This is a 3D real-time battle RPG where Diamis uses her "skills" and "link skills" to fight, and features various support functions such as auto-battle and automatic looping.

"LEGIO," known for its works like "11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shojo-," is the original concept and world setting author. The design of the main characters is handled by "Ayami," who is also active in designing Vtubers.

The adventure part reveals a dark fantasy story that mixes the truth that becomes apparent as the story progresses with a vast conspiracy lurking in the background. You can deepen your bonds with Diamis and enjoy fully voiced stories of girls carrying various emotions.

The battle part features a powerful real-time battle that progresses with full autopilot mode, which is easy to operate even for beginners. Utilize the various skills of Diamis, such as the collaboration technique "link skills" between Diamis and the temporary power-up "fusion," to conquer battles.

With raid-level enemies that appear in high difficulty, an "arena" where you can fight against other player groups, and a "guild" where you can expand facilities and fight enemies with your members, you can take on enemies that cannot be defeated by one person by becoming an ally with others.

In addition, the game offers a Diamis purchase system where you can acquire your favorite Diamis and max out all Diamis to the highest rarity. Train your favorite Diamis and take on various content.

In the not-so-distant future, mysterious alternative spaces called "God's Tainted Area" appear worldwide. There are otherworldly creatures that prey on humans trapped inside. People can only feel fear and despair against the "Gods," the existence to whom no modern weaponry is effective. But at that time, there were those who possessed the only power that could combat the "Gods" - the "Diamis". They are magical girls who made a pact with demons to defeat the "Gods." The armed institution "PROV" was formed for the purpose of fighting against the human enemy "Gods" and recruiting Diamis's troops. The protagonist recruited as an institution member on their way to the base gets involved in the God's Tainted Area. There, the main character meets a lovely girl named "Maki Kuonji," who saves their life. She is also one of the many Diamis.

Join forces with the unique Diamis to fight against the "Gods," and at times clash with them or deepen your bonds. But they were unaware that there was a massive conspiracy going on behind the scenes...

If you have already played "Aria the God Slayer" on your PC or other devices, you can link your data by logging in with your DMM account.

Recommended environment: Android OS 8.0 or higher, CPU equivalent to Snapdragon 835 or higher, Memory: 2GB or higher. Please note that we cannot guarantee operation other than the recorded environment.
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