Arena of Evolution: Red Tides

Arena of Evolution: Red Tides

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Game overview

Command the powerful "Thunderer," fight with new chess pieces and skins, and explore a futuristic metagalaxy in the all-new season S5.

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The war was won by the destruction of the enemy, and a deadly weapon was born, named "Thunderer".

This killing machine was surrounded by fearsome thunder, effortlessly flapping her heavy machine-made wings, and wielding a sturdy hammer with her slender hands.

As a killing machine, Thunderer needs an adept commander to control her.

Eliminate fear in the world by fighting together with Thunderer; listen to the sound of her footsteps.

The innovative S5 season has arrived, revolutionizing the futuristic sci-fi theme depicted in this game with its ultimate graphics.

Immerse yourself in the Grand Treasure event by acquiring a plethora of skins and new chess pieces to take your gaming experience to the next level.

[Step into the Metagalaxy with the New Futuristic Sci-fi Theme]

Thunderer's new skins include Kirin, Wings of God, Righteous Angel, and Yanar.

New commanders such as Duke Leito, Discovery Mech, Alien Observation Ship, and Rakshasa will be introduced.

New gates comprise of Alien Observation Ship, Flagship Hatch, and Temple Fair, while new boards include Sand Dunes, Freedom Headquarters, and Temple Fair.

[A New Piece Has Arrived: Earthquake!]

SNK's officially authorized Fighter's Race presents their fifth character, Earthquake, as a new chess piece bringing in a horde of strategic possibilities.

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