Arena Battle Champions

Arena Battle Champions

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Game overview

Become a Battle Arena Champion! Choose your powerful champions to fight in 3v3 real-time multiplayer battles, unlock new items, and dominate the arena.

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Experience the ultimate adventure and emerge victorious in the Battle Arena! Join forces with champions from all corners of the realm and battle it out for the coveted title of Battle Arena Champion!

Whether you prefer to fight solo or alongside your comrades, you can choose your very own set of powerful Champions and unleash their extraordinary abilities!
As you make your way through your enemies' minions, you'll need to employ a tactical approach to take down the enemy tower.
Unlock an array of new Champions and special items and master the art of multiplayer mayhem!

Step into the monumental BATTLE ARENA and compete against others in intense, real-time 3v3 multiplayer battles that last for 4 minutes at a time.

Chase after new CHAMPIONS AND ITEMS by earning game keys that unlock chests packed with a variety of characters, goods, and emotes.

Deploy a UNIQUE SET OF CHAMPIONS to your advantage. Gather a vast array of Champions, each with their own set of extraordinary powers and unique skills.

If you're looking to increase your Champions' power and skills, gain battle points every time you taste sweet victory and use these points to upgrade your Champions' level and become unstoppable!

If you're having any trouble with the game, get in touch with us at and we'll be happy to help you out.
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