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ArcForce: a fast-paced, team-based arena PVP shooter on mobile featuring quirky heroes, customizable skins, chaotic battles, and unique game modes.

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Join the action-packed world of ArcForce, a thrilling team-based arena PVP shooter designed to run smoothly on the newest mobile devices. Step into a futuristic world that oscillates between a utopian and a dystopian society, where alliances of misfit warriors will band together to engage in epic 3v3 battles.

Pick your favorite hero from a roster of quirky and loveable characters, ranging from a spider mech created by a mad scientist to an outdated Soviet mining bot as well as the ultimate ‘junkyard dog,’ Diesel. Customize your chosen fighter with unique skins and perks that you can unlock through every level you manage to surpass.

Collectively with your teammates, you'll have to navigate through the chaotic and competitive fields by either blasting your foes with autocannons or slashing them with Bladestorm. You will have to carefully manage your cooldowns and strike when the time is right to reverse the tide. Your cognitive skills will be as significant as your physical ability to become a playmaking champion who can turn the tide of the match with one decisive move.

In ArcForce, multiplayer battles are what brings everyone together with its real-time online matchmaking capabilities. Invite friends or get teamed with other players, and discover unique synergy combinations between characters that will help you win battles. As anyone knows, true heroes always fight as one.

You'll be thrown into distinctive battlefields, each crafted to reflect humanity's future on the brink of collapse because of climate change. From the snowy streets of New York City to the waste-filled graveyards of the Sahara and the polished cyberpunk metropolis of Tokyo, every map offers unique challenges that can affect the strategy to employ.

ArcForce features a wide range of game modes like Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, and Shard Rush, where you can test your skills against other players and different objectives. Aim to defeat your enemies and capture points whilst fending off hazards in a hazardous race to dominate and win.

ArcForce is not just a game; it's an experience that'll continue expanding with new heroes, maps, modes, and cosmetics introduced to keep the players engaged as time passes. The battle pass will also include free digital comic books weekly, exposing stories of ArcForce heroes, and providing critical insights into the world.

As a pre-release build player, the developers would like to thank you for your contribution to improving ArcForce. Your feedback and testing have helped to deliver the best-in-class final product that everyone deserves. The pre-release stage is expected to last 1-3 months, and more content will be added before the full launch date is announced.
Stay tuned to ArcForce for more updates, and we hope you'll have a great time fighting in this thrilling adventure!
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