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Game overview

Arcane Fate: traverse planets, fight Chaos Serpent, summon Guardians, collect items, and customize characters in an immersive, 3D idle adventure game.

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Embark on a captivating sci-fi journey across various planets and battle your way to the highest ranks to become the mighty ruler of the vast universe!

Arcane Fate offers a thrilling multi-temporal idle adventure where the powerful and rapacious Chaos Serpent has already devoured endless planets created by Yggdrasil, leaving you, the Protector of time and space, with the enormous task to stand up against this phenomenal enemy. The game boasts multiple engaging playstyles, including idle training, AFK leveling, magical research, Guardian summoning, and more. With Arcane Fate, you can let your imagination run wild and explore new horizons beyond your wildest dreams!

Highlighted Game Features
Immersive battles across diverse planets
The game is uniquely set in a visually stunning 3D universe that encompasses various environments, from breathtaking galactic scenes to the ocean depths. Take advantage of the visual feast and get lost in the adventure!

Casual idle gameplay style with easy AFK leveling
Sit back and relax as your characters effortlessly level up on their own, thanks to powerful AI controls. Enjoy the combat scenes and let the game guide your way through upgrading.

Customizable characters with explosive powers
Arcane Fate is packed with limitless possibilities. You have the freedom to select your character's skills, physical or magical attacks, and create the perfect blend for your style of gameplay.

Summon unique Guardians to aid you
Explore peculiar realms and conjure up an array of Guardians with exceptional skills and fascinating backstories. Strengthened with powerful Guardian abilities, you can indulge in endless and captivating strategic battles.

Collect rare items to boost your character's abilities
Each dimension within Arcane Fate houses its distinct items that empower you with special abilities unique to that dimension. Take control, reshape your character, and enjoy the thrill of having unique powers.

Infinite strategic tactics with multiple skill combinations
The game introduces tons of varying skills that offer an unlimited opportunity to craft ingenious strategies in battles. Engage in epic face-offs with the Chaos Serpent and other monstrous creatures while competing against other players on interdimensional battle arenas. The sky is the limit with Arcane Fate!
Release date
Dec 19, 2022
Single player

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