Arcana Famiglia Collezione! Piccola Amore

Arcana Famiglia Collezione! Piccola Amore

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Game overview

Charming love story in an Italian fantasy world. Choose your romantic path and raise the characters' impression for a Happy Ending.

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◆Recommended for You, If You…

‧ Enjoyed playing 「Arcana・Famiglia」and/ or 「Arcana・Famiglia Collezione」.
‧ Are interested in otome or romance games.
‧ Love to read shoujo comics and watch anime.
‧ Like fantasy worlds and European countries like Italy.
‧ Crave to read a story with humor.
‧ Want to read sweet dialogues that will make your heart flutter.
‧ Enjoy indulging in character interactions.
‧ Find Italian men charming.
‧ Are in search of a casual, romantic novel game.


The protagonist, Canna (the name is changeable), visits Regalo Island, which is now a popular tourist spot, and becomes attracted to its unique setting, scent of the air, tranquil residents, unlike her hometown in Japan.

One day, Mondo, the top executive of the private organization, 『Arcana・Famiglia』, selects a new executive candidate for a new cellarier. Even though Canna refused the invitation, Mondo made her an offer to participate in 「La Primavela」, a spring festival, and to learn more about Regalo Island.

This is a charming love story (Piccola Amore), set in spring festival 「La Primavela」.


◇ Danilo (Clerk of Restorante)
He is outspoken and loves girls. He often approaches them, but things never work out. He takes great pride in working at the restaurant and dreams of owning his own store in the future.

◇ Fazio (Clerk of Bar)
He is always composed and has a private fan following. He knows everything about alcohol, from wine to different types and can guess people's favorites based on one glass of wine. Despite his vast knowledge, he is as humble as others.

◇ Onofrio (Cat(Bedi)'s owner)
He adores all kinds of cats and is inseparable from his beloved cat, Bedi. He is also cat-like on his trickery, but once someone gets to know him, they may see his kind-hearted nature. His personal life remains a mystery.

◇ Oliver (Flower vendor)
He admires women as if they are flowers and is a modest person. At times, he sells flowers using nauseating expressions. He competes with Zita, a fellow flower vendor, and there is a strange sense of rivalry between them.


Each character has ten episodes and two ending episodes. The prologue and the first episode are free.

As the story progresses, choices will be presented to you. The choices you make will affect the character's impression of you. The more favorable you are seen in their eyes, the closer you are to a happy ending.

◆Basic Information

‧ Free to download (Some scenarios require in-app purchase.)
‧ Memory Space required is at least 150MB.

◆About the Supporting Company

About Hunex Company: Our mission is to “bring dreams, emotions, and courage to more people” and we have created numerous social games to date. We strive to leverage our knowledge and expertise to develop high-quality mobile app games.

Our well-received works:
‧「ぺろぺろ男子(Peropero Boys)」

Release date
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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