GamesAR Toys: Playground Sandbox

Game overview

Build and race in a virtual world, control RC cars, avoid cops. Create custom races and share. Requires AR Core. Updatable with custom blocks.

Game description generated withAI

This game is not your typical game with a designated number of levels or missions to complete. Rather, it allows you to unleash your creativity and construct your own digital universe. As part of this game, you'll enjoy playing with RC cars whilst evading the police who are hot on your heels.

Are you craving the thrill of competition? Well, look no further! You can use the game's features to create your own racing track and aim to smash previous records.

To play this game, your device must support AR Core.

Looking to enhance your game even further? The best part is that you can actually contribute to its development. You have an opportunity to tell the game designers which blocks or objects you wish to see in the next update, and they will grant your request! So, what are you waiting for? Let your imagination run wild!
Release date
Mar 06, 2018
Single player