Apocalypse Heroes

Apocalypse Heroes

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Join P.T.S.F. and fight diverse enemies with 2 heroes, unique tactics, weapons and skills. Upgrade, research and unlock prestige.

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Listen up hero, we need a warrior like you to save the world! Earth is in danger from supernatural forces unlike any other. The dead has risen, machines have gone rogue, and mutations are devouring everything in its path. Our upper hand in this chaos is our secret organization, P.T.S.F. We're looking for fighters like you who can join our ranks and help us save the world from impending doom. Time is of the essence, will you join us in this fight? Colonel Trauman has asked for you personally to join him in this mission.

Get ready for combat! In P.T.S.F., you control two heroes that cover each other's backs while providing support with their arsenal, abilities and experience. Every hero is upgradable and can be equipped with buffs in each mission to enhance their skills and strength. Strategic deployment of your heroes is vital to mowing down enemies swarming your position. You'll have to use your tactical wits to outsmart enemies since the battlefield is full of traps and surprises. Each hero has a special active and passive ability that can tip the scales in your favour. Perfecting the use of these abilities might be crucial to your success in the field.

Guns blazing, each hero wields their own weapon of choice, but that's not all there is to it. Each hero can discover unique, more powerful weapons that can be further upgraded to increase values such as damage dealt, dispersion, efficiency curve and more. Fight in many missions around the world, choosing to either take on easy, normal or hard missions depending on your preference. Completing these missions rewards you with medals that will raise our organization's standing to gain prestige, which unlocks exclusive content and bonuses in the game. Procedural generation of missions ensures that there's an infinite number of battlefields to conquer.

Base of operations are key to our organization. It contains necessary resources to fight this battle against paranormal terror. Keep the battle from the public to avoid worldwide panic and destruction. Manage your team, investigate unknown entities, plan missions and more with the covert technology implemented in our headquarters. Gain progress tracking and check the prestige you've earned. We reward valuable resources for defeating many dastardly enemies like zombies, space invaders, mutated creatures, fighting machines and robots. Test out your skills against epic boss fights, research them and gain access to even more bonuses and resources.

In this game, research is crucial to fighting these supernatural forces effectively. Disarmed enemies are sent straight to the base for quick and thorough research. This takes time, but can also be expedited. Gain much-needed information and advantages to even the odds in engagements.

Finally, you can sell trophies of vanquished foes to earn revenue and discover achievements. Unlock even more achievements once you investigate new enemies.

Don't hesitate to join us, the threat of the apocalypse is imminent. News and gossip mention that more locations, enemies, and heroes are revealing themselves. The world is depending on you and how you react to this doomsday threat. Will you stand and fight, or will you cower and perish? Avert the apocalypse by fighting back!
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