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Game overview

Launch rockets into space and become the most powerful monkey by conquering Mutant Monkeys, stealing resources, and joining Clans. Age of Apes is a free MMO strategy game!

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The era of humans has come to an end and the reign of the apes has dawned upon us. Hold on tight as these primates go to a full-blown war by launching rockets into the galaxy, all to find one simple thing: bananas! The challenge is set, conquer the strongest clan, form your very own gang, wage wars against rival apes, and be the leader that takes the first step on the grounds of the new world.

There are bountiful rewards for the brave and daring soldiers that embark on the journey in Age of Apes.

- Take lead of your clan, as you build and manage your outpost and construct your very own army to dominate the monkey world. Take part in the latest MMO strategy game without any fee or charge.
- Embark on different quests such as defeating mutant monkeys or boldly stealing precious resources from enemy clans. Contribute to your monkey clan in a variety of ways and emerge as the ultimate hero among all the primates.
- Develop your own strategy and make sure you are the first one to cross the finish line and win the post-apocalyptic space race.

• Make your choice and unite with an elite group of apes from one of the 6 legendary clans.
• Engage in massive PVP wars with other monkeys from rival clans.
• Form alliances and create friends within your own gang squadron.

• Take it a step at a time and build your outpost to become the most dominant in the monkey world.
• Wave your own flag and train your army by selecting only the best and most powerful monkeys.
• As you aim to build the most powerful rocket to win the race, plan to beat the other clans to the finish line.

• Step inside the world of monkeys and meet the cast of awesome primates. From Roger the Intendant to Junior one of the powerful Clan Leaders, everyone has their fair share of unique traits.
• Fight against the terrifying Mutant Monkeys in the PvE battles.
• Roam around, unveil ancient ruins, and step forward to face some of the huge bosses.

• Rack your brain with your allies and plan strategies with the help of our unique social system.
• Rise to fame, become a renowned monkey by gaining multiple followers, and follow other primates too!

Think you have got what it takes to be the ultimate monkey? Come join the Age of Apes!

NOTE: Keep in mind that this game requires an uninterrupted internet connection.
Release date
Dec 13, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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