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Another Prince: A Lost Tale

Another Prince: A Lost Tale

Abracadabra Games

Game overview

Visual novel featuring vampire princes based on fairy tales, including Cinderella, Little Mermaid, and Alice in Wonderland. Solve the blood curse mystery with your special power.

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Immerse yourself in a world of love and heartbreak with Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~. This visual novel takes classic fairy tale characters such as Cinderella and the Little Mermaid and turns them into handsome princes cursed with vampirism. As the protagonist, your blood holds a special power that is crucial to solving the mystery of the vampire's blood.

Discover a book filled with old fairy tales while working at the library. Flip through the pages and notice that the stories stop halfway through, with blank pages following. You also find that all the princesses are portrayed as princes. The princes in this new story are all hiding a blood curse, and their stories are far from over. It is up to you to navigate through the new plot and figure out how each prince's tale will unfold.

Throughout the game, you will encounter an array of charming princes, each with their unique story. Cinderella, who was once a compassionate woman in the traditional tale, is now a haughty prince with a strange affiliation to blood. Rapunzel, living in his tower, is a rational and cold character who must deal with the loss of his story. There's Lorelei, the womanizer who has won the hearts of many women, and many more!

Gameplay in Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~ revolves around consuming scenario tickets to progress through the storyline. Enjoy 5 free story tickets per day and use in-game choices to dictate your intimacy level with each love interest. As you grow closer to your chosen prince, you'll get to experience gorgeous CGs and thrilling romance. Explore different sides and personalities of each prince, with some stories carrying tempestuous, sweet, or scintillating themes.

Aside from the compelling narrative, the game also offers a plethora of cute avatars to mix and match as you please. Another Prince ~A Lost Tale~ is perfect for lovers of romantic visual novels, otome games, and those who want to experience a love story with a dark twist. Dive into the world of handsome princes, vampires, and fairy tales with this fresh retelling.
Abracadabra Games
Release date
Apr 06, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Another Prince Lorelei Special Story: Bathtimeskye_FM
Another Prince ''A Lost Tale'' Prologueskye_FM
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