Another Dimension

Another Dimension

Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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Game overview

In Another Dimension, you must save friends, survive and finish homework while navigating unexplored dimensions. Choose your partners in crime: Shirley, Louise or Natalie.

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Step into Another Dimension, a game where you'll find yourself in the midst of a battle for survival in different dimensions. In this game, you play as a teenager who becomes an innocent participant in a groundbreaking scientific breakthrough. Suddenly, you're hurled into an unknown world where interdimensional travel is a reality and keeping up with your regular life seems like an impossible feat. Can you save your friends, complete your homework on time, and navigate unfamiliar dimensions? The answer lies in your ability to adapt and thrive!

Along your journey, you'll meet three different characters, each with their unique qualities.

First up is Shirley. She's spunky, adventurous, and charismatic – a true delight! Her zeal is infectious, but can you keep up with her pace? She believes in taking the road less traveled, and her presence in your life will undoubtedly make it more exciting.

Next is Louise. She has it all – intelligence, beauty, athleticism, and academic prowess. Yet, she feels like something is missing. She's willing to work with others but also stay true to herself. Will you be the partner in crime she's looking for, or will you distance yourself from her like everyone else?

Lastly, meet Natalie – gentle, caring, and kind. She's the one everyone loves, and for a good reason. Her charming personality and sweet demeanor will make you feel like you've found a safe space. Yet, she's struggling with her inner turmoil. Can you be the one to support her, or will she seek another path?

Join the interdimensional fight for survival in Another Dimension, where you'll navigate the unexplored dimensions and try to maintain your regular life. Will you rise to the occasion and become a hero in this new world, or will you succumb to the dangers that lie ahead? The choice is yours!
Genius Studio Japan Inc.
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