Animus: Harbinger

Animus: Harbinger

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Game overview

Battle against death to save Qurrhem’s children and Cadmeia from darkness in Harbinger, the action-packed game where chaos reigns and judgment awaits.

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■ Minimum requirements
For playing this game, you need to have a Google Play account and an Android device not older than version 6.0, which meet the OS requirements set by Google. You are also required to have at least 1.3GB of storage and 2GB of RAM available.

■ Introduction
Are you ready to be transported back in time, to the days of Kerr the Breaker, Bringer of Nightmares? In Harbinger, you will take on the role of Forlorn, a lone pilgrim lost in time and devoted to the Resonant. The late King Cadmus appears before you as a shadow, beseeching your help to save the children of Qurrhem and the realm of Cadmeia. You must stand ready to face death itself, embodied by Gravetender Anku, and meet the Breach Knight sent by Kerr. Your journey will take you across Cadmeia, riddled with dangers such as medicine men, hellhounds, and monsters. Chaos reigns in this realm, and your only companion is your trusty weapon. Show compassion to those in need, but be merciless with those who seek to bring forth the coming nightmare.

■ Permission Access
[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]: This game will request your permission to access external storage in order to read and write game data.
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