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Anim Odyssey: assemble a legendary Anim legion for a challenging journey through Azure's torn land. Unpredictable, non-revivable, and enriched with 50+ hand-painted game scenes.

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Anim Odyssey is an exceptional card game that incorporates elements of strategy, RPG, and Roguelike. With your Anim legion, embark on a daring adventure in the damaged land of Azure.

One of the major highlights of the game is its unconventional Roguelike style that challenges players with an unpredictable journey. The unique Miasma system, coupled with non-revivable characters, calls for players to seek survival through either Transcend or Corrupt.

Another exciting aspect of Anim Odyssey is its legendary crew that features 40+ Anim characters. Mix and match them to explore character bonds and an enriched battle experience. Each character comes with unique skill cards, which makes this game even more exciting.

To ensure your game journey is filled with surprise and delight, the game has 50+ highly stylized hand-painted game scenes. Delve into past mysteries that await to be discovered. Strategize with your team to defeat 30+ bosses, dozens of monsters, and elite twinned enemies.

Anim Odyssey's story evolves in one of the four floating continents where the nine kingdoms compete for the throne. The Miasma, which once ravaged the troubled land, has started to seep back. The nine kingdoms have formed a three-way force, leading to a ceaseless power struggle. The Anims have been forced to seek survival in the cracks of war. A glimpse of history, the visage of all beings - the era of the beasts has begun.

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